Call for the submission of a proposal in the context of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021 with the title “Inclusion and Empowerment of Roma”

Call No : 4622 (EEA MIS ID: PDP1)
Target audience : Special Service NSRF Structure of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - Division of Social Solidarity (EDKA)
Deadline : December 7, 2020, 23:59
Implementation area : Regions of Attica, Central Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and Western Greece
Budget : 3.100.000 €
Description :

In the context of the European Union’s policy for the development of national strategies for Roma integration, the Greek state has developed the "National Strategy for Roma Integration".

The primary goal of the Action Plan has been the removal of the conditions of social exclusion of the Roma and the creation of the conditions for their social inclusion.

The above strategic goal is served through three general objectives:

  1. Securing and guaranteeing of “housing",
  2. Development of a supportive network of social intervention (in the fields of employment, education, health and social inclusion),
  3. Development of social dialogue and consensus, through the social emancipation and the participation of the Roma themselves.

These general objectives are being implemented in the framework of the five-year national action plan for the social inclusion of Roma for the period 2017-2021 and will continue to be implemented during the next operational programme.

The programme “Roma inclusion and empowerment” is co-funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area Grants and by national resources and is consists of the implementation of two independent but mutually reinforcing predefined projects and of three Small Grant Schemes

The Predefined Project 1 provides for the creation of a Task Force which will serve as the main tool for strengthening, monitoring and implementing the national strategy for Roma inclusion and the related policies and measures, equally at regional and local level.

For this reason, the Task Force will develop collaborations, mechanisms, and coordination and communication tools for:

  1. Strengthening, monitoring and evaluating the policies of the National Strategy and Action for Roma Inclusion.
  2. The empowerment of the Roma to actively participate in the social integration process. In addition, the Task Force will strengthen Roma communities to be actively involved in the design, monitoring and implementation of policies that affect them.

The Predefined Project 1 concerns the establishment of a Task Force, which will be led by the Program Partner (PP), namely the General Secretariat for Social Solidarity and Fight against Poverty, and which will consist of one Central Unit / Steering Committee and four Regional Task Force Units located in four regions with a high concentration of Roma population: Attica, Central Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and Western Greece), according to the study conducted and published in the National Strategy for Roma Social Inclusion (December 2011).

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